Car alternatives

There are a lot of alternatives to a conventional car out there. The reasons why some should pick one is explained on the why-page. Now, the reasons don’t mean solutions, those can be found here below.

A lot of projects exists, those who started production will be added first and the others will be added time by time.

Raht Racer

raht racer
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Rhat Racer


Raht stands for “Recharging Anthro-Hybrid Transport”, which means that it runs on electricity but can be recharged with anthro (human) power. The wheels are powered by an electric motor and the batteries are recharged by pedaling.

The direction and speed of the vehicle is determined by the direction and the speed of the pedaling.

Technically it is considered as a motorcycle, although it might be possible to consider it as a car, since it has three wheels like a trike and those only need a car license to be driven. The suggested retail pricing is 24.000$, e.g. 22.000€.

For more information about the Raht Racer, check out Kronfeld Motor’s website.

mö – evovelo

mö solar bio-hybrid vehicle

The mö from evovelo is a solar bio-hybrid. The mö is produced in south Spain by a spanish company. The electric motor will allow to drive at 45 km/h without pedaling. The weight of the mö is approximately 100 kg. Moving it just by pedaling would be kind of challenging.

The practical side of the mö is that there is space for two people pedaling side by side and space for groceries. The price starts at 5.000 €, making it affordable for almost anyone who could buy a car.

For more information about the mö, check out evovelo’s website, there you will also find links to their social media pages.


Twike5 outside inside

The Twike is new, and old. The first Twike prototype has been build in 1986, and the first vehicles have been delivered in 1995.

Today the company is about to build the Twike 5. It’s look becomes more mainstream, but the price will cause some reticence, starting at 39.900 €.

For more information about this vehicle, check out the Twike’s website